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Ultraplay ICE VOX


WHEN: 10:00 to 16:00 (GMT) - Tuesday, 7 February 2017
WHERE: South Gallery Rooms 15 & 16, ExCeL London
COST: FREE to Attend - but with priority given to the attendees of ICE VOX.  RSVP Requested - Register Today

The eSports industry is here and it’s already huge.

According to market researchers the sector generated global revenue of $325 million in 2015 from media rights, merchandising, ticket sales and advertising. As the sport continues to grow in popularity, attention is turning towards betting on the outcomes of competitions. Fans are projected to bet around $23.5 billion on eSports by 2020. From this betting pool, operators would generate $1.8 billion in revenue.

Our eSports workshop will give operators a 360° view of this opportunity. Why and how should you incorporate eSports into your sports book portfolio?

We’ll take a strategic, balanced view on the latest trends as well as the big issues of governance, integrity and longevity. Followed by very practical insights into how you can prepare your business for success in eSports.


10:00 Welcome coffee and refreshments

10:25 Opening address from Chairperson

10:30 An Introduction to eSports - Understanding the universe

What’s the opportunity for the sports betting industry? Are there any integral differences between eSports and normal sports book wagering? Do you have to reinvent the wheel?

11:00 Regulatory update and Governance

In this session you will hear views on the future regulation of the eSports betting market. We’ll also discuss how the governing authorities organising tournaments work with the betting industry; How they exchange with the betting industry regarding match fixing/integrity risk?

Ian Smith, Integrity Commissioner, eSports Integrity Coalition (ESIC)
Richard Watson, Programme Director for Enforcement and Intelligence,  UK Gambling Commission
Claire Pinson, European and International Affairs Officer, Arjel

11:40 Making a business case for eSports

This session will equip you with a clear understanding of what you are getting into and what you need to know about the eSports universe before investing. Is it worth the development hours to bring it in? How can you ensure eSports becomes a meaningful and profitable part of your sports book’s portfolio?

Peter Ivanov, Head of eSports, UltraPlay

12:15 Understanding your target audience

Get to grips with the eSports audience – What are the social dynamics of this audience? What are their habits and values? How do you monetise eSports? How do you get people betting on a game when they’re not necessarily the target demographic?

Harry Lang, Marketing Director, Pinnacle Sports
Simon Best, Sponsor & Talent Manager, MCM Comic Con
Spike Laurie, MD, ESL UK

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 16:00 eSports Workshop - Understanding the eSports ecosystem

  • Common misunderstandings and differences with traditional sports.
  • What happened in 2016 and what to expect in 2017. 
  • What is the current state and what is the potential in eSports betting?
  • Real time examples and trends, usage of marketing channels, payment processing, licensing, legislation trading and risk management.

Mario Ovcharov, CMO, UltraPlay
Krasimir Kostov, Sales Executive, UltraPlay

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