Blockchain and Gaming

Below is information on the Blockchain and Gaming Seminar at ICE Totally Gaming 2017.

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“What will be the impact of blockchain on the gambling industry?”

We’ve heard a lot lately about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but it’s blockchain, the underlying technology, what is tipped to be the biggest game changer in the industry. How that will happen? What is the revolutionary significance and how can the industry can start preparing?

This blockchain session was aimed at providing an overview and genuine insight first, into what blockchain actually is and what it represents in terms of the opportunities and disruption across many sectors, and second, giving ideas of how it might affect the gambling sector.

In partnership with GamCrowd – an advocate in innovation in technology – there is potentially no more exciting area than blockchain. Bitcoin and everything it promises in terms of cheaper and frictionless payments is only the start of the disruption.

As this session pointed out, the removal of intermediaries, and it properties in relation to validation and authentication, blockchain promises opportunities across the sector that will do nothing less than change the way the gambling business operates.

Topics included:
Introduction to Blockchain 101
Defining the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology
Evolution of Blockchain Technology: From Bitcoin to Smart Contracts & DApps
Blockchain as a Potential Disruptor of Gaming
​What will be the impact of Blockchain on the Gambling Industry?

Marco Cuesta, Co-Founder & Head of Business Dev, First Blood
Hans Lombardo, Co-Founder, Chain of Things
Chris North, Managing Director, GamCrowd
Patricia Lalanda Ordóñez,Associate, Loyra Abogados
Eddy Travia, Pioneer Blockchain Investor & CEO, Coinsilium
Adam Vaziri, Director, Diacle
Matthew Warner, Journalist, Chain-Finance