5-7 February 2019 | ExCeL London, UK

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  • EMV VENDING MOTOR | Dispenser for packed products
    Dispenser for packed products: • Different models available • Easy and quick installation • High-performing dispensing belt to grant great grip and precision in distribution • Wear- and tear-resistant materials for long lasting performances even in hard operating conditions • Pulse or ccTalk control available • ccTalk dispenser available with slanting stop by default
  • ACTIVE ONE | Cashless services activator by RFID keys
    Cashless services activator by RFID keys: • Service price and duration can be easily modified from Menu, with Master key • Wear resistant and waterproof keys and module • Credit recharge by ccTalk coin acceptor • Account information available on the menu (only with Master Key) • Illuminated push-button for service activation and status-related colour illumination • Tropicalized and insulated components • 2x16 LCD Display • Service payment and activation by means of RFID keys and dedicated push-button • Pulse totalizer output • To be connected to the machine PCB or to the Servo PCB
  • VANGUARD | Illuminated topper, available with Neon design or light points
    Illuminated topper, available with Neon design or light points. • 32 high-intensity L.E.D.s sparkle along the bezel path, framing one wreath of beads (PL) or one neon-like ribbon (Neon) • In the multicolor RGB models, the illuminating patterns combine the mixing shades in a continuous cycle of 11 different schemes (intermittence, clockwise and anti-clockwise filling, multidirectional rotation, etc.) • Single color patterns available (red or green or blue or white), with cycle lasts 130 seconds • Choose among 3 different intensity levels • L.E.D. backlit artwork • Rainbow versions replace the artwork by an etched inscription that gets animated by the glowing RGB 10-L.E.D. strip • 3 different adaptors (included) allow to fit the light topper on different radius domes (r = 441 mm and r = 222 mm) or on flat surfaces • Supplied with two unique tools for fast installation / dismantle: one key-shaped tool allows to fix the topper from the inside of the machine dome; the second one is a fitting bar that permits to fix the topper from outside the machine • Quickly removable from its fixing base, to ease installation and dismantle
  • AD Board
  • UHD Monitors
  • Miscellaneous Monitors
  • LIGHT SOCKET  Series
    We designed ten different sockets for every need: - MG01 90° socket with 5 x 2,8 mm fast-on pins - MG02 Socket with 7-pins plug - MG11 Socket with white 4-L.E.D. PCB and 7-pins plug - MG16 Socket with RGB 4-L.E.D. PCB and 7-pins plug - MP01 0° socket with 5 x 2,8 mm fast-on pins - MP02 90° socket with 5 x 2,8 mm fast-on pins - MP11 Socket with white 4-L.E.D. PCB and 6-pins plug - MP16 Socket with RGB 4-L.E.D. PCB and 6-pins plug - MP17 Socket with RGB L.E.D. and 6-pins plug - STANDARD Socket with 5 x 6,3 mm fast-on pins
  • JUMBO Series | Jumbo illuminated push-buttons, lock nut mount
    The new Jumbo illuminated pushbuttons match modern and elegant design with the most convenient solutions in signal transmission. The big size, besides intensifying tactile feedback and enhancing visibility, works as an attractive feature that helps the machine to stand out among others. The specifically designed spherical shape of the refractor enhances brightness and light reflection; the structure of the refractor’s rear surface preserves clean activation of the switch even in case of dirt. As an option, all Jumbo push-buttons can be provided, under the plate, with a group of L.E.D. (“basic” board) directly controlled by the machine board. Differently, if fitted with optional microprocessor circuit board (“full” board), they can produce 4 different illumination patterns. A wreath of 24 high-intensity L.E.Ds crowns the bezels, producing captivating glittering effects. The illumination patterns can be also synchronized in a sequence including up to 32 push-buttons (selected by DIP-switch), to make the machine even more attractive. This new series stands out for its mounting innovative solution: each push-button can be in fact installed as it is (“Standard profile”) or as Low profile. When mounted as it is and with the full board, the illumination pattern is enhanced by its blue-transparent support, specifically designed to increase brightness. The Low profile version, compatible only with the basic board, produces a smart “flat touch” feeling on the control panel. • 24 variable light intensity L.E.Ds produce 4 different illumination patterns • Group of (10, 6 or 8) constant brightness L.E.Ds located under the lens plate • 4 different illumination patterns can operate independently; preferred option can be selected by dip-switch setting • Power supply: 12Vdc to processor circuit board; 12/24Vdc to all L.E.Ds • Possibility to synchronize up to 32 push-buttons • Transparency and “soft touch” feeling, thanks to the special Samsung® polycarbonate and to moulds designed on purpose • Patented bayonet quick-coupling: assembling of L.E.D./Switch-holder and maintenance made easy
  • Stretched Monitors
  • LED Lighting Monitors
  • Open Frame Monitors
  • CD "S” Sorter
    Designed as a specific accessory for the Evolution II Hopper, CD sorters allow to separate the processed coins through 5 or 3 sorting paths. Thanks to their 32 bit ARM microprocessor, our CD sorters constantly control the coins get actually sorted through the proper channels, reporting to the Evolution II Hopper. • Optic detector on each way to verify the exact distribution of the coins • In case of wrong sorting, the hopper stops and warns about the malfunctioning • It connects by the built-in cable to the proper socket at the hopper side
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