5-7 February 2019 | ExCeL London, UK

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  • SportLevel Presentation
    SportLevel is a unique provider of sports data and video streams for its clients around the World. We provide cutting-edge technologies and services to bookmakers, sports federations and media companies.
  • SPIKE CM | The tiniest stand-alone Money Changer, sturdy and well-performing
    This 23 cm thin machine is the perfect solution for whoever wishes to benefit from the renowned quality of Alberici products though having only small space available. Spike CM can ensure simple maintenance thanks to its smart shapes, and can also be fastened to the wall and/or to the floor by its optional steel slabs. Capacity: up to 2.000 mixed coins FUNCTIONS - Manual or automatic dispensing of coins - Possibility to inspect the peripherals’ service status - Facilitated manual refill and reserve stock control - Easy managing and display of accounts parameters - All settings can be customized by the unit Owner/Operator Alberici Spa offers a wide range of Cross Changers: to see all Cross Changers available, please visit our website.
  • Stretched Monitors
  • Sports betting solutions
    Specially tailored to sportsbooks ready to step up on to the next level. We empower your sports product with a wide range of functionalities, cutting-edge betting technology and innovative concepts. 50+ sports, 30, 000+ live events/month, 2000+ betting markets.
  • SYNOT Games: Hell Mania
    Is this what hell looks like? If so, it sure looks like a hell lot of fun! Cherchez la femme they say, and also here, the ultimate temptress Hell mania rules it all. Will your resist her charms or will you enter her world of expanding Wild symbols and Full reels multipliers? For more information about other games of SYNOT Games visit: https://www.synotgames.com/games/.
  • SYNOT VLT Premium

    SYNOT VLT Premium

    SYNOT Group

    The latest product line SYNOT VLT Premium is state-of-the-art gaming solution offering a wide range of successful gaming concepts. Each games compendium contains 18 thematic games.
  • Studio 4 - 80 balls

    Studio 4 - 80 balls

    Pin Projekt

    Draw proceedings:

    This 80 ball drum is very much like one of the most popular lottery games, KENO.

    There are several Win games within each draw:

    The first game is Win 5/80

    The second game is Win 10/80

    The third game is Win 20/80

    The fourth game is Win 30/80

    The fifth game is Win 40/80

    And the final game is Win 50/80

    Player can also choose to play real KENO for the following games:

    Keno 5/80

    Keno 10/80

    Keno 20/80

    Player can also bet on different outcomes, such as the sum of the first game and sum of the second game as seen in the picture above.

    This particular draw has the most games within it and the draw is finished in under 10 minutes.
  • Studio 3 - 37 balls

    Studio 3 - 37 balls

    Pin Projekt

    Draw proceedings:

    The drum is turning at full speed with a counter that counts down to the moment when we draw out the ball When the ball is out, the machine slows down, and the ball is scanned which lasts a few seconds After the ball is scanned and added to the base of the results, the ball is placed in the transporter, and is transported back into the drum. All the time the drum is active and softly mixes.

    After the ball fell into the drum, the drum once again mixes in full speed and counts down once again to a new draw.

    The game is very much like roulette with the difference in offers for betting on color. The coefficients are the same as in Roulette except for the colors. Here we have 6 colors per 6 balls, and additionally one ball of the seventh color.
  • Studio 2 - 20 balls

    Studio 2 - 20 balls

    Pin Projekt

    2 Distinct games:

    Win 5/20

    Win 10/20

    Draw proceedings:

    The first 5 balls are drawn The 5 drawn balls are moved to the transporter The draw of the rest of the balls continues The 10 drawn balls are moved to the transporter The last 5 balls are drawn The last 5 balls are released in the transporter and all balls are sorted to be ready for the next draw. In first 5 drawn balls we offer the following games:

    Guess the sum of the first 5 numbers with a 52,5 margin Win 5/20, choose 'n' and guess 'n' out of first 5 balls In the next 10 balls we offer the following games:

    Guess the sum of the 10 numbers, with 3 possible outcomes: less than 105, exactly 105 and more than 105 Win 10/20, choose 'n' and guess 'n' out of 10 drawn balls
  • Studio 1 - 48 balls

    Studio 1 - 48 balls

    Pin Projekt

    4 Distinct Games:

    Win 5/48

    Win 7/48

    Lucky 6 35/48

    Extra Win

    Draw proceedings:

    The first 5 balls are drawn (5/48)
    There is a short break in which the hostess announces the first 5 balls The next 30 balls are drawn The 35 drawn balls are moved to the transporter after a short break Next 7 balls are drawn (7/48) There is a short break after which the continue of the draw is announced The 7 drawn balls are moved to the transporter The final 6 balls are drawn After a short break the balls are sorted in the holding columns. In the first 5 drawn balls we offer 3 different games:

    Win 5/48 (choose 'n' and guess 'n' out of 5 numbers) Guess the color of the first drawn ball Sum of first 5 balls (several margins for the sums) In the first 35 drawn balls we offer two additional games (first 5 balls and additional 30 balls)

    In the game Lucky 6, where the player chooses 6 balls (or more in a system), the win is achieved if the chosen 6 balls are within the first 35 drawn balls. The amount of the win is determined by odds in respect to when the last guessed ball had been drawn. If the player guesses which balls will drop sooner the bigger the win. The second game in offer within the first 35 drawn balls is to guess which of the ball colors will be completed. In the next 7 balls we offer Win 7/48 (choose ‘n’ guess ‘n’ out of 7 numbers) (balls that are drawn in sequence from 36th ball to the 42nd ball)

    With the last 6 numbers left in the drum there is an Extra Win Game (Jackpot game). This a cumulative win game where when you miss all the chosen balls in the lucky six game, you will win the jackpot. If there are more than one jackpot winners in a particular draw the winning amount is split equally between the players. Every ticket for the lucky six games is automatically playing for the Jackpot win as well.
  • Sports betting software

    Sports betting software

    Sirplay Staff

    Sirplay is the developer of a next-generation and fully featured Sports Betting Software. Enter the online market or upgrade your sports betting platform with advanced live betting and wagering solutions: - Powerful automated feeds covering all leagues and countries. - Full multi-lingual and multi-currency functionality. - Highly flexible betting management tools, trading tools and bets monitoring. - Agent system, a multi-level hierarchy for agent networks. - Wide range of betting markets, sports categories and leagues. - Branding, customisation, white label sportsbook solution. - Multi-platform: Poker, Casino, Virtual Games, Live betting and Mobile. - 24/7 – 365 Support and remote maintenance.
  • Social Casino

    Social Casino

    Ravi Prakash

    Planning to launch your own casino. Drop at us for more details on end to end Social Game Platform with HTML5 games.
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