5-7 February 2019 | ExCeL London, UK

ICE Totally Gaming is the only B2B gaming event that truly brings together the international online and offline gaming sectors.


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  • RHINO™ Casino Management System
    Developed for key casino management, RHINO™ Casino Management System enables the real-time decision making on casino floor issues. RHINO™ consists of modules that are vital for the management with all needed detailed reports at a glance. Allowing card-based cashless transactions between slot machines, the cashless module reduces downtime and maintenance needs. A new functionality is now available for clients preferring the use of tickets. The TITO Module provides cash-able and promotional tickets and decreases hand pays to a minimum. The strict monitoring, increased control of transaction and other financial operations as well as accounting reconciliation of the gaming operation are secured by the Accounting module. The operators could remotely monitor the real-time status of each machine in the casino through the Monitoring module. In the same time the monitoring and analyzes on the player’s activities are provided by the Player tracking module. The players have the opportunity to manage their account, bonus and shopping points with the Promo Kiosk module. The module could be integrated with common POS thus allowing direct transaction to the bar. Integrated with the BUFALLO™ UNIVERSAL JACKPOT SYSTEM, the module allows flexible establishment of multilevel mystery and progressive jackpots. Using the module Wide Area Jackpot could be set up as well as connection to an online games for more accumulations. Another significant part of RHINO™ is the Responsible Gaming functionality which is very crucial for promoting socially responsible behavior. With this functionality players can easily decide the amount of money to use per day in our venues.
  • RGB Candles
    2-tier or 3-tier No need for colour films any more.
  • Redhot


    Maciej Janosz

  • Real Fighting

    Real Fighting

    Golden Race

    Blow your players’ minds with the award-winning game of Golden Race! MMA-based, real video action featuring 16 professional fighters in 5 intense round combats across 3D fantasy themed fighting stages allow to integrate the company’s branding in-game. Give players exciting fighting action with realistic odds crafted by our bookmakers and professional commentator voice-over for the ultimate virtual fighting experience! Real Fighting, 24/7. Whenever you want. Ready for the next round?
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    roulette wheels
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