5-7 February 2019 | ExCeL London, UK

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  • PIN CC | The versatile, capacious, robust 23 cm thin Cross-Changer
    Pin CC is the perfect solution to combine timeless design, minimal volume together with the extraordinary versatility of Alberici’s components. Only 23 cm large, this machine stands out for its high capacity as well as for the possibility to install the CD Counting Unit, endowed with a servo electronic device to automatically unjam possible coin clusters. Capacity: up to 2.800 mixed coins and 600 banknotes Suitable for daily changed amounts of 1.200/1.500 € FUNCTIONS - Manual (2 selecting techniques to choose between) or automatic dispensing of coins and banknotes - Possibility to inspect the peripherals’ service status - Handy restore of preset reserve of coins and banknotes - Easy managing and display of accounts parameters - All settings can be customized by the unit Owner/Operator Alberici Spa offers a wide range of Cross Changers: to see all Cross Changers available, please visit our website.
  • PowerKiosk Overview
    An overview of Powerkiosk modules: Promotions, Enrollment, Mobile, EGM and F&B Self Order.
  • Paradise(Fishing Game)
    The reason why fishing games are so popular in Asia is that they are very easy to play. Just keep shooting the fish until they die, and you would get the prizes without any complicated calculation. The biggest feature of our fishing game is the “skill cards,” players may use those cards to shoot the fish efficiently. This makes the game even more exciting and challenging!
  • Polex
  • Piggy Bank - Our best Scratch-Card; over 60 Million cards sold
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  • PokerPro
    PokerPro is a fully automated electronic poker solution that is perfect for any gaming floor. With our patented dealer-less operation and an industry leading 44 hands dealt per hour, switching to PokerPro will immediately reduce your operating costs and increase your revenue. Most importantly, your players will enjoy the thrill and fast-paced poker action. Bring the excitement to your card-room today!
  • POCKET CC | Cross-Changer suitable for small but high-performance halls. Capacity: 4.000 mixed coins and up to 600 banknotes
    Pocket CC, especially designed for small/medium but profitable halls and arcades, is the only compact Cross-Changer hosting two belt-driven hoppers and the front lock in just 33,0 cm width. Thanks to its reinforced structure provided with a solid inner bar, its 11 equidistant reinforced hooks and the sturdy padlock against burglary, Pocket CC has no rival in terms of safety and reliability. Technologically advanced, it is the best answer to every need, ensuring easy payments’ management, simple maintenance and a wide choice of custom-made options at the same time. A sturdy slab for wall fastening is also available. Suitable for daily changed amounts of 1.300/1.800 € FUNCTIONS •2x16 LCD display •Self-configuring p.c.board connecting automatically to the built-in peripherals. Serial ccTalk protocol grants high security standards •Stainless coin pit flap, for massive or single coins drop and lockable with key •Key for coins’ refill to reset leftover credit and manage refill procedures when the machine is closed •RGB push-buttons with service status color illumination •Evolution II MIDI multi-denomination counting hopper; coins detection is enhanced by magnetic and optic sensors. CD3 S intelligent 3-way sorter, whose optic sensors check that the coins are not deviated to unwanted paths •2 dispensing hoppers (to be chosen between belt-driven HopperOne S11 single denomination type or disk-driven AH4 Discriminator II multi-denomination hopper with Smart Pick System). •Capacity: up to 4.000 mixed coins, thanks to the Sector 100 hopper extension with optic detection of full/empty state •Front latch and padlock allow to place the machine everywhere, even close to other machines •Note validator (to be chosen between iPRO-RC, capable to recycle up to 200 banknotes [2 denominations], and to stack 400; VEGA-RC2 which recycles up to 60 banknotes [2 denominations], and stacks 30; VEGA-RC able to recycle up to 30 banknotes [1 denomination] and to stack 300). •Preset for binding chain •Standard or custom-made artwork Alberici Spa offers a wide range of Cross Changers: to see all Cross Changers available, please visit our website.
  • Pay N Play
    Signing up for an account on a gambling site has traditionally required players to fill out a lengthy registration form and later go through a verification process, typically involving submitting copies of passports and utility bills to the merchant. With Trustly’s Pay N Play product, players can start playing their favorite games right away simply by making a deposit via their online bank. Trustly collects data available from the player's bank account, thus simplifying the registration process. At the same time, operators stay KYC-compliant without needing to chase players for personal details.
  • PowerKiosk
    PowerKiosk offers promotional, patron enrollment kiosks and mobile applications. PowerKiosk goes beyond common promotions and allows for virtually any promotion creation your property wants. Create your promotion on PKMS send it to your kiosks, slot machines or patrons mobile phone.
  • Pluto Video PSU
    Heber Gaming customers can now order the brand new addition to the Pluto range; a drop-in replacement for the Sanken 2H167W-1 power supply unit that provides multiple voltage outputs.
  • POS Betting System

    POS Betting System

    Juergen Paierhuber

    The perfect solution for your POS betting business! The CBCX outlet / POS system covers the whole range of our software programs – Sports, XLive and Games. Extensive possibilities for statistical analyses and variable settings enable the operator to individually design the betting offer and any possible limits and provide a unique betting product, in order to always be one step ahead of the competition!
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