5-7 February 2019 | ExCeL London, UK

ICE Totally Gaming is the only B2B gaming event that truly brings together the international online and offline gaming sectors.


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  • Neuron Sports Platform
    NEURON SPORTS PLATFORM Neuron Sports platform, natively integrated into Neuron Gaming Platform, is open to be integrated into any gaming platform NEURON Sports platform is perfectly suited to every market and to every channel, both online and Retail. -360֯ PERSONALISATION -INTELLIGENT SYSTEM -ULTIMATE USER EXPERIENCE -ADVANCED RISK MANAGEMENT -JACKPOT BETTING The Sportsbook offer can be defined, expanded or restricted by you, according to your business needs. Operators can create personal and tailored betting offers by configuring in advance their risk parameters at each level of the sportsbook and across all sports, tournaments, events and odds types. Apply the optimum trading strategy to generate both high-quality turnover and attractive estimated profit margins. Neuron Sports comes with full: - USER ANALYSIS - PROFILING - INTELLIGENT RISK MANAGEMENT Neuron Sports collects and stores all the necessary information for the development of a robust market strategy for any channel used by the bettor. Neuron Sports generates a detailed report aimed at verifying the profitability for each type of game and for each players allowing you to analyze the performance of any given strategy and suggesting modifications or corrections in order to achieve predefined goals. Though sophisticated deployment of technology, your operations will have a powerful Risk Manager at your disposal, allowing you to set up advanced rules for effective profiling and players' management.
  • Neuron Gaming Platform
    Neuron Gaming Platform Neuron Gaming is BtoBet’s platform that allows you to manage your operations with no compromise. It is an open platform, scalable, customizable and above all intelligent. The AI platform reduces time and labour costs via one single admin panel, maximizing the effort of delivering the perfect offer for an unforgettable experience to your players. - OPEN TO INTEGRATE ANY GAME OR SPORTBOOK CONTENT - FULLY CUSTOMISABLE - OPEN TO INTEGRATE ANY PAYMENT PROVIDER - OPEN TO INTEGRATE ANY AFFILIATION SYSTEM - HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE TO ENABLE COMPLIANCE WITH ANY LOCAL JURISDICTION. Neuron Gaming – An intelligent heart Intelligent user experience Clever to give a better user experience to your players. The Recommendation engine of Neuron gaming lets you suggest to your player the games he is more interested in, any moment. Combined with Neuron Games, the Recommendation engine is able to suggest to your clients the events that caught his attention, offering an unprecedented user experience. Intelligent business analysis The evolved segmentation system enables you to analyze your clients in real time in order to take the right decisions at the right time. Intelligent frauds analysis The segmentation engine combined with our fraud engine allows you to anticipate any possible fraud of your clients. Additionally, the system analyses autonomously your players’ behaviour and can take automatic actions and prompt alert. In this way you can focus just on the exceptions, avoiding the continuous manual labour of players’ monitoring activity. Intelligent marketing A bonus system that allows you automatic campaigns profiling, giving to each user the promotion that more triggers him. Neuron Gaming – 360° Customisation In BtoBet, we firmly believe that each Operator must be unique on the market. For this reason, Neuron Gaming has been projected to be fully personalized starting from the user experience. Neuron Gaming is fully integrated with WordPress, the world leading CMS, allowing the operator a total control of his website. Neuron Gaming – The true Omnichannel experience The innovation and the evolution of the gaming experience for the player requires a tailored personalisation for each channel. The proposal of the same games and offers- with the same layout or a simple adaptation– for retail, online and a mobile is no longer a good option. The whole process of building a suitably tech-enabled yet personalised omnichannel gaming offering is possible with Neuron Gaming as it allows a true omnichannel environment. • helps to establish a direct connection with them, no matter the channel in use • provides improvements to services offered to your players • delivers the perfect offer for an unforgettable experience of your players, online, mobile, on whatever technology device they prefer. Any moment, whenever they like. Neuron Gaming has the ability to interact seamlessly with all the current and also the new devices that will become available on the market, to handle ever more content and to collect in real-time data on the player activities, through all the devices, to improve their gaming experience with your brand. Neuron Gaming – Perfect for any regulated market Neuron Gaming is perfectly suitable for any regulated jurisdiction and for a multi-jurisdiction environment. The operator can activate independent frontend instances or even entire independent platform instances in order to configure the product to the specifications required by every single jurisdiction. The operator can count as well on the BtoBet’s team to be fully supported in all the process required to be certified and compliant. Neuron Gaming is not just a technological platform but includes a structured process where top tech team are further developing the software at the same time as it is deployed in the field. Constant R&D will anticipate future trends and consumer demand. The best people are employed to maintain and update the technology of Neuron Gaming while also servicing the client need in real-time.
  • New Live Betting
    In exclusive for ICE's attendants, Sirplay will launch the first game module of the second version of its Sports betting software, a new and faster-than-ever Live Betting software. Come to booth n° S3-130 to know all the details.
  • Nerves of Steal
    Find the lucky chips hidden on the board - there are 10 for a fortune! But will you cash out to steal the cash or steel your nerves and risk it to find more!
  • Neon Jungle

    Neon Jungle

    Iron Dog Studio

    Set your gaming experiencing ablaze by delving into the bright and bold depths of the Neon Jungle. Based on the border of where Rio de Janeiro, with its vivid city lights, meets the jungle and the vibrant wildlife hiding within. With features that will leave you in awe, such as the unfathomable neon glimmer which when activated will surround symbols with the neon glow. Activation of this feature will reward players with riches in the form of free spins, a crowing glowing bonus and multipliers glittering enough to blind!
    New for the ICE 2018: The APEX SMALL JACKPOT ISLAND with 4 Pinnacle Premium SL slots that each have 3 x 27” monitors. All Jackpot Islands are available with the game Dragon Egg or the brand new game Leonardo’s Code.
  • NEXIO - Ultimate Casino Management System
    NEXIO is our advanced CMS platform, delivering ultimate user experience across all system modules.
  • NUC BOX 6100
    Intel® Skylake-U SoC (Core i3-6100U) 2 x HDMI, 1 x DP Supports Dual Display (HDMI2 + DP or HDMI 1 + HDMI 2) 3 xUSB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.1 (Type C), 1 x IR Gigabit LAN : 1 x Intel® i219V with non vPro 19V DC-in
  • NUC-6100U
    Intel® Skylake-U SoC Supports Dual Channel DDR4 2133MHz, 2 x SO-DIMM, up to 32GB system memory 2 x HDMI, 1 x DP Supports Dual Display (HDMI2 + DP or HDMI 1 + HDMI 2) 3 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.1 (Type C), 1 x IR Gigabit LAN : 1 x Intel® i219V with non vPro (NUC-6100U) 19V DC-in
  • N3150-NUC IPC
    Intel® Braswell N3150 (Fan Design) 2 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort 1 x Giga LAN 4 x USB 3.0 (1 x Type C), 1 x Audio-out with MIC-In 1 x mSATA, 1 x Mini-PCIe Triple display (HDMI+HDMI+DP),Support 4K Display and Playback
  • Nismo CC | Compact Cross-Changer
    Nismo CC, especially designed for small/medium but profi table halls and arcades, is characterized by the revolutionary Aventador Counting Unit; whenever it works, cleaning operations within it automatically start, in order to avoid possible jamming. The innovative frontal shutter allows to directly access to the Counting Unit, so to be able to easily and autonomously manage cleaning operations and restore, without any need for a technician to go fi x the matter on-site. Nismo CC is endowed with 2 coin hoppers and a 5” graphic display. Furthermore, it guarantees high security standard, thanks to the reinforced latching points enhanced by 12 locking hooks. Capacity: up to 4.000 mixed coins and 600 banknotes FUNCTIONS • 5” graphic display • Self-configuring p.c. board connecting automatically to the built-in peripherals. Serial ccTalk protocol grants high security standards • Stainless coin pit flap, for massive or single coins drop and lockable with key • Additional frontal shutter for easier maintenance • Counting Unit Aventador, composed by Hopper Aventador, AL66 Speedy electronic coin acceptor with electronic reject device and intelligent sorter iS1 with optical sensors on each outlet path to verify coin transit • Key for coins’ refill to reset leftover credit and manage refill procedures when the machine is closed • RGB push-buttons with service status color illumination • 1 single-denomination belt-driven HopperOne S11 and 1 multi-denomination Hopper AH4 Discriminator II. As an alternative 2 single-denomination HopperOne S11 • Capacity: up to 4.000 mixed coins, thanks to the Sector 100 hopper extension with optic detection of full/empty state • Latch and padlock front placed to allow the machines to be pulled together • iPRO-RC note validator: capable to recycle up to 100 + 100 banknotes (2 denominations) and stacks 400 • Solid inner bar with 12 equidistant reinforced hooks Alberici Spa offers a wide range of Cross Changers: to see all Cross Changers available, please visit our website.
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    Innovative Technology

    Compact validator & ticket printer
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