5-7 February 2019 | ExCeL London, UK

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  • L.E.M. | L.E.D. modular beacon for Shuttle and Vanguard topper lights
    L.E.D. modular beacon for Shuttle and Vanguard topper lights. • Chrome or black frame available • Easy installation on all toppers • The three lenses and the chassis are molded in heat-resistant polymers • It can be controlled either by the topper board to produce light effects and attract players, or it can be connected to the machine board to signal whether the Player is winning, or else warn about the state of the machine • Four options for the color of the three lenses: white, blue, clear or red-yellow-green combination. Each of the three colors can be associated to a different machine status ( e.g. stand-by mode, game in progress, winning stroke, service required, empty hoppers) • Each section houses three 60 Lum SMD-technology L.E.D.s per side
  • LEONARDO CC | Capacious Cross-Changer endowed with additional frontal shutter for easier maintenance
    Leonardo CC is the ideal Cross-Changer for high-performance gaming halls, characterized by the innovative Counting Unit Aventador; whenever it works, cleaning operations within it automatically start, in order to avoid possible jamming. The revolutionary frontal shutter allows to directly access to the Counting Unit, so to be able to easily and autonomously manage cleaning operations and restore, without any need for a technician to go fix the matter on-site. Leonardo CC is also equipped with 3 coin hoppers and a 5” graphic display. Capacity: up to 5.600 mixed coins and 1.200 banknotes Suitable for daily changed amounts of 4.200/5.000 € FUNCTIONS - Manual (2 selecting techniques to choose between) or automatic dispensing of coins and banknotes - Possibility to inspect the peripherals’ service status - Handy restore of preset reserve of coins and banknotes - Easy managing and display of accounts data - All settings can be customized by the unit Owner/Operator - Maintenance can be facilitated by the frontal shutter Alberici Spa offers a wide range of Cross Changers: to see all Cross Changers available, please visit our website.
  • LIGHT SOCKET  Series
    We designed ten different sockets for every need: - MG01 90° socket with 5 x 2,8 mm fast-on pins - MG02 Socket with 7-pins plug - MG11 Socket with white 4-L.E.D. PCB and 7-pins plug - MG16 Socket with RGB 4-L.E.D. PCB and 7-pins plug - MP01 0° socket with 5 x 2,8 mm fast-on pins - MP02 90° socket with 5 x 2,8 mm fast-on pins - MP11 Socket with white 4-L.E.D. PCB and 6-pins plug - MP16 Socket with RGB 4-L.E.D. PCB and 6-pins plug - MP17 Socket with RGB L.E.D. and 6-pins plug - STANDARD Socket with 5 x 6,3 mm fast-on pins
  • LED Lighting Monitors
  • Lotto Store
    Add a new dimension to your platform with world biggest lotto products.
  • LinkPay
    EveryPay LinkPay is a useful tool for all types of businesses allowing you to accept online card payments without any need for IT development or even a website. Our platform allows you to create a payment link with pre-defined details and simply post it to your customers. Use-case scenarios with LinkPay are endless.
  • Land based Slot Games

    Land based Slot Games

    Ravi Prakash

    Probability Gaming has created an innovative range of slot games library with Next Gaming for US/Latin. Do have a look at Sliding Magic, Warrior Empress, Terracotta Warrior, Katana Warrior at our booth #N7-100.
  • Lamps
  • Lucky 8
    New design 8-station Roulette cabinet, featuring a compact designwith approximately 25% less footprint, compared to our R8 machine,with the exact same size Roulette wheel. Lucky 8 is fresh in design, durable and attractive, guaranteed to attract attention on the casino floor.
  • Lotto 6/49 PLAY - Play the German 6/49 Lotto instantly!
  • Lotto Machine - ICE Game to Watch Winner 2017
  • Lottery Solution
    Mozzart offers a platform that allows your players to bet on their lucky numbers in more than 70 of the world's most popular lottery games. Based on our extensive experience gained in the largest chain of land based and online betting sites in the Southeast Europe, we create a truly personalised lottery solution that includes: 1.Quick lotto draws every five minutes 2.A wide range of extra lotto games to bet on and draw statistics animation of lotto draws displayed 3.Risk management & Fraud detection
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