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  • Bravo Cage
    BRAVO Cage & Finance is the world's first fully integrated financial management and inventory tracking system for the casino industry.
  • Bravo Poker
    BRAVO Poker delivers total poker room management, satisfying all aspects of operations, marketing and payments, in order to deliver accurate monitoring, tracking and managing of the entire poker room.
  • Bravo Pit
    BRAVO® Pit is the most complete table game management and player tracking system available on the market. With the increasing popularity of table games, casino managers need both the ability to accurately track and compensate live play as well as the ability to effectively manage and analyze their table gaming operation.  Genesis Gaming’s BRAVO® hardware and software solutions offer casino personnel the essential management and tracking tools needed to stay profitable and competitive in today’s casino environment. 
  • Bitcoin sportsbook software
    Sirplay offers two ways to switch your betting website in a Bitcoin betting solution: use it as a payment method option or as your currency. The difference seems slight but it’s massive. Currency - Bitcoin sportsbook software Bitcoin can be used as a currency for your betting software, using the cryptocurrency in the whole business cycle, avoiding trading risks and managing your own commissions. Payment Method - As a withdraw/payment channel the players can choose Bitcoins can be exchanged for the currency of the bookie’s betting software during deposit and/or credit just like if the Bitcoin Wallet was a bank account or a credit card to choose from.
  • Blackjack Scratch
    How many blackjacks will you be dealt? The Blackjack king is on your side and you can win on every single hand!
  • Blitz Lotto - The fastest Lottery in Europe!
  • Bingo 90 - Instant-Bingo with 90 Balls
  • Blood Queen

    Blood Queen

    Iron Dog Studio

    Set in Transylvania as the moon grips to the highest peak of the night sky, Blood Queen is the uprising release that brings thrills far-exceeding Halloween. Play as the love-hate relationship between Van Hell and our Blood Queen Ivanka unravels on your screen. The games main feature, barring its stunning graphics and truly immersive sounds that feel as though they have come straight from a classic Hollywood horror movie, has a choice of free spin round for the user with awards of up to 50 free spins to keep the chills coming.
  • BK-T680
    Thermal Printer
  • Bonus 1000%
  • BetInvest


    Valentyn Kyrylenko

    BetInvest sportsbook, white label, terminals
  • Bet on Baccarat
    The game is played between two sides – the Player and the Banker. The dealer deals two cards face-up to each side in every draw of the game. Cards are dealt one at a time and the Player always receives the first card. In special situations the third card is dealt to the Player and (or) the Banker. The goal of the game is to collect a total sum of points as close as possible or equal to 9 (nine) after no more cards can be dealt according to the rules. A Tie occurs if the Player and the Banker have the same number of points. The value of numerical cards from Deuce (2) to Nine (9) is equal to the number of points of the given card. The value of Face cards and Ten (10) is zero (0). Ace has a value of 1 (one) point. All card points are summed up to calculate the total sum of player’s points. If the total sum is expressed in a double-digit figure, the score of the Player is the right digit of the total of the cards.
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