5-7 February 2019 | ExCeL London, UK

ICE Totally Gaming is the only B2B gaming event that truly brings together the international online and offline gaming sectors.


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  • AVANT MH | 4-way linear sorter with side reject channel. With built-in Micro-hopper
    4-way linear sorter with side reject channel. With built-in Micro-hopper. • A single coin is sent to the Micro-hopper (path 4), and it is paid out upon request. In this way, the 2 hoppers in the machine can be used exclusively for prize-payout • The remaining 3 paths are for two prize-payout hoppers and one coin box • Rejected coins are expelled by a side outlet, next to the back change one (path 4, Micro hopper) • It works by Pulse or ccTalk connection (in both case, the Microhopper is compliant with ccTalk) • Mechanically and size-wise compatible with channels already preset for the most common linear sorters in commerce
  • ACTIVE ONE | Cashless services activator by RFID keys
    Cashless services activator by RFID keys: • Service price and duration can be easily modified from Menu, with Master key • Wear resistant and waterproof keys and module • Credit recharge by ccTalk coin acceptor • Account information available on the menu (only with Master Key) • Illuminated push-button for service activation and status-related colour illumination • Tropicalized and insulated components • 2x16 LCD Display • Service payment and activation by means of RFID keys and dedicated push-button • Pulse totalizer output • To be connected to the machine PCB or to the Servo PCB
  • AD Board
  • AL66 FG COIN ACCEPTOR | High discrimination coin acceptor with innovative identification and security technologies
    High discrimination coin acceptor with innovative identification and security technologies. • The Italy ccTalk version can be easily switched to AES D.H. 256 • Innovative coin detection technologies: 6 magnetic sensors and 2 optic pairs and 13 identification parameters (12 dynamic) • Additional discrimination technologies: MF Inducted Balance and Multi-sample Pulse Induction • High anti-frauds security level: 4 sequential optic pairs and 2 mechanical devices (one wire-cutter and one thread-ripper) to protect aganist stringing, frauds and tampers • Pulse versions programming by two dip-switch rows, or by PC Kit • Preset for mini-USB B connection socket • 32 bit ARM micro processor, 128KB Flash memory, “automotive” features, reliable even in the most critical environments • It supports display and smart peripherals (i.e. iS1 intelligent sorters), thanks to its SPI interface
  • Advanced iGaming platform
    Well-established on the global gaming market, providing turnkey solutions for the online gaming operators.
  • Auto Roulette
    With a growing demand for faster Live games and lower betting limits Auto Roulette is seeing an unsurpassed growth. To that end we offer a vast selection of Auto Roulette wheels from both land based casinos and from our studio environments.
  • Authentic Roulette PREMIUM
    LIVE from premium resorts & casinos around the world. Available locations: USA - FOXWOOD (In the very heart of Foxwoods Resort Casino sits the Club Newport International VIP gaming room. Within its walls are the highest stakes gaming tables and slots at Foxwoods. In the centre of the room is the single zero European Roulette. It is here where your players will play Live 24 hours per day) and DENMARK - ROYAL CASINO (Authentic Gaming has entered into a partnership with Royal Casino in Aarhus. Both Danish and International players will have access to 24/7 Auto Roulette as well as a Live Dealer table live from the gaming floor of Denmark's historic Royal Casino).
  • Authentic Roulette
    All Authentic Roulette tables are live from the floors of luxurious land based casinos across the world. Online players join physical patrons at the table. Authentic Roulette is your key to land based players migrating online.
  • Alibi Box
    ALIBI BOX is the latest and most unique Alfastreet developed product. ​ ​Designed to resemble a famous British red telephone box, it's an eye catcher at any time or place. ​ ​The beautiful retro-chic design serves not only as an attraction, but is effectively a multi-purpose room. ​ The Alibi box is perfect for many different environments, where one can find a quiet space to make a phone call, to talk or preform several other tasks. For example, Alibi box can be placed inside a casino to provide a direct hotline to the gamblers support hotline. ​ ​Attractive in design, imaginative and surprising in the services available. Sound proofed, spacious and impassive in every way, the Alibi box is a must have for any gaming venue.​
  • Abrakadabra!
    Where's the magic bunny hiding? Find him to win...
  • Aura Automated Roulette
    Aura Automated Roulette with 10 playing stations, large display and topper


    Casino Technology

    The Casino Technology's luxurious and boutique slot machine ARCH Titan™ offers quality and feel of the game with no comparison. With high-end design in a slim, tall construction, the machine stands out with a contemporary presentation and gives a distinctive look to every gaming floor. Combining 42” horizontally curved full HD main monitor and 42” vertically curved top box, the slot machine provides precisely calculated viewing angle for superior players comfort. The features of the machine allows perfect immersion without external distraction of the gaming experience that secures more time on the device. The curved radius of both main monitor and the top box makes the game more exciting and entertaining. The full HD 24” flush mount iDeck serves both as a button deck and navigation panel and offers a bright visual content to facilitate the interactive game command. The built-in dynamic RGB lighting and high quality sound system only adds to the overall cutting-edge performance of the machine. ARCH Titan™ comes with the single themed progressive game of new generation with impressive graphics – the FIVE BLESSINGS DELUX™.
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