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Data Science & Personalisation

Why Big Data and Machine Learning is the Only Way Forward for Personalisation

Data Science & Personalisation 2018

Tuesday 6 February 2018
Platinum Suite, ExCeL

The ability for data systems and machine learning to enable extremely granular personalisation has taken a giant leap in the last few years. Data science teams, working on highly scalable and intelligent systems are radically changing both the effectiveness of company to customer interactions, as well as the overall costs of running large, personable businesses.

The Data Science and Personalisation Conference provides a broad examination of the issues raised by these changes, both in terms of increasing revenue but also best practice and the latest techniques.

New for 2018:

  • What can we learn from Financial Services & other industries about gaining insights into our clients and avoiding regulatory fines by leveraging Artificial Intelligence?
  • Advanced techniques to data mine and build a predictive model that encompass a whole variety of data
  • How far we can take personalisation in the future?
  • Big data to identify problematic behaviour and enable responsible gambling
  • Behavioural marketing

Mon 5 - Wed 7 February 2018

Mon 5 - Wed 7 February 2018

ExCeL London, UK

ExCeL will be hosting the 9 conferences from Monday 5 February - Wednesday 7 February 2018