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Totally Gaming Academy

Sports Betting Academy

The Sports Betting Academy is an intensive three day training course for sports betting professionals wanting to expand their knowledge and boost margins in this highly competitive industry. The Sports Betting Academy teaches vital compiling, modelling and probability strategies to ensure the accuracy and reliability of odds and empower you with the expertise and confidence to deliver solid margins. All delegates receive the trainer’s own Cash Out Simulator, ELO Rating Model, Multi-Purpose Simulator and BT Rating Model.

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Slot Academy

The Slot Academy is an intensive four day training course for gaming management proven to improve the efficiency and profitability of the gaming floor. The course takes an in-depth look into machine meters, pay table calculations, TQM, performance analysis and considers each of the different player profiles and how you can better fulfil your visitor’s expectations through the gaming environment, promotions and floor layout. The Slot Academy has trained leading gaming brands globally and is a well renowned course.

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Online Game Development Academy

The Game Development Academy is an essential three day training course for slot game developers and designers that not only provides current in-depth market knowledge and mathematical skills. Over an intensive three days the course will teach you effective slot game design, mathematical concepts and modelling techniques essential for a successful slot game and the course will also provide you with business strategy knowledge, including market barriers and opportunities, to help you achieve your game development goals. All attendees will leave with a Slot Modelling Tool and the trainer’s own Game Proposition Framework. 

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Anti Money Laundering Academy

The Anti Money Laundering Academy, designed in conjunction with Spectrum Gaming, will provide you with detailed knowledge of upcoming regulation changes and how to directly implement key AML practises and reporting systems into your operations as well as enhance your understanding of key Governmental agencies and directives, including FinCEN. Over an intensive two days, the Anti Money Laundering Academy will boost your knowledge of KYC, risk assessments, CTR, suspicious activity reporting and record keeping as well as the proactive measures you can take to avoid legal and regulatory problems. All attendees will come away with a Risk Assessment and Compliance Plan.

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Table Games Academy

The Table Games Academy is an intensive four day training course that will explore not only effective table games management but the processes, mathematics and skills required for a successful gaming floor. The Academy will focus on improving the efficiency of your table games operations, TQM and staff training, increasing the loyalty of different player profiles, comps, tipping, managing risk and much more. All attendees will produce a Daily Table Games Operations Report, Annual Table Games Operations Report and Floor Layout Plan.

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Online Gaming Masterclass

The Online Gaming Masterclass is a comprehensive four day training course that explores each area of an online gaming business in detail and its influence on bottom line performance. The course will teach game mechanics, bonuses, player acquisition and retention and how to reduce risk. Attendees will build a business plan that is immediately applicable into their business on return which will demonstrate which levers and strategies to employ when faced with challenges. Additionally, attendees will come away with a Departmental KPI Analysis Report, Formula Glossary and Business Intelligence Development Brief.

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Casino Marketing Masterclass

The Casino Marketing Masterclass is an intensive three day programme that will analyse each area of the services marketing mix in order to increase the ROI of your land based casino marketing. The course will teach how to optimise the ROI of your marketing through not only improving skills across all aspects of marketing communication and promotions, but how to better understand your customers, building a brand, social media, agency management and much more. Attendees will come away with a Marketing Plan, ROI Campaign Template and Social Advertising Guidelines.

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VLT Academy

La VLT Academy è stata progettata espressamente per il mercato italiano, per formare ed educare coloro che vi operano sull’arte della gestione delle apparecchiature VLT e sulla sua clientela. La teoria e la pratica che affronterete quotidianamente all’interno del percorso formativo attraverso l’analisi delle diverse tipologie di giocatori, delle loro aspettative, degli strumenti di marketing e della comprensione delle paytables, per citare alcuni argomenti, vi sarà immediatamente di supporto per incrementare da subito il ROI nella vostra sala VLT.

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The Lottery Academy

The Lottery Academy provides a practical insight into the commercial, operational and regulatory aspects of the Lottery industry, focusing on the unique nature of lottery games, lottery marketing and future innovation and opportunities. Over an intensive three days, the Lottery Academy will explore the different types of lotteries, draw games, instant tickets and scratchcards, responsible gaming, marketing strategies, IWG and the key requirements for transitioning online successfully. All attendees will receive the Lottery Operating Model, Marketing Framework and Interactive Scratchcard Proposition. 

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