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GBG is a global specialist in Identity Data Intelligence. We help organisations make decisions about the customers they serve and the people they employ.

Through our fundamental belief that the digital economy relies on everyone having access to data they can trust, GBG enables companies and governments to fight fraud and cybercrime, to improve the customer experience and help to protect the more vulnerable people in our society.

Our proposition for gaming operators is to Onboard, Comply and Engage your customers. We have a range of services that can be tailored to suit your own processes, which we can demonstrate on our stand

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GBG ID3global will help you tackle the growing problems of identity fraud and money laundering, check if your customers are who they say they are and ensure your business is compliant with regulations. Improve operational efficiency within your business, saving time and resource. Configurable GBG ID3global is a fully configurable rules platform, on which you can build profiles to automate accept, decline and refer decisions. This means is wherever your consumer is, whichever channel they choose, and whichever jurisdictions your business may operate, one single connection provides global validation. If you’re trading cross-border you may require different ID profiles based on where the consumer is located and the information available for validation. Depending on the channels you transact through and the locations of your entities, you may require different profiles based on the regulatory environment. Meet global regulatory requirements. We assist in meeting the AML practises of the dozens of markets in which we operate, as well as the regulated gaming markets. All ID checks are stored in an online audit trail, accessible for reference whenever you need them. Choose instantly whether to accept a new customer based on accurate data and on your own rules and attitude to risk. Plus, make better strategic decisions – and create profitable new business models, which can help you to enter new markets with clarity and confidence Read more...


Checks instantly whether data entered as part of the application process is correct. Our unique ‘fuzzy matching’ capability corrects misspellings, abbreviations and ‘fills in the blanks’ if information is missing altogether. Build a complete identity profile for your customers. Take very basic information we’ll enhance it with their business information, social media profiles, utilities supplier – and more. Start on the right foot, with a quick and simple onboarding process. Then take it to the next level by using the information you know about your customers. Communicate with them through the channels they prefer - and be present when they’re ready to purchase. Reduces keystrokes and errors - they only need to enter the data once. We can build a full identity profile from just a name and email address. Be confident you have the most up to date information for your database. Use your complete customer profiles to improve the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns. Achieving the highest levels of data security standards, providing confidence to all organisations working with us. Our data centres are GBG Matchcode360 is currently the only solution which validates global postal and email addresses, as well as mobile and landline telephone numbers in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide – all through a single interface. Read more...


From ID to KYC checks in 5 seconds. IDscan delivers and simple, and fast customer experience. Maintain a robust fraud process as we can verify both the document and the identity of the person. Expand your business by on-boarding global customers with coverage of documents from over 230+ countries. IDscan is designed to give a near real-time response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is secure, quick and easy to integrate. We can validate, extract data and inspect documents direct from smartphones and tablet computers. Read more...


Monitor your customers transactions to stay alert to behaviour which is consistent with fraud or new trends in financial crime. GBG Predator safeguards your business against transactional fraud and supports AML compliance. By continually assessing your customers’ actions against their ‘normal’ behaviour, Predator exposes any unusual – and potentially criminal – activity. It’s based on customised rules which you create. Meaning you get accurate and consistent transactional fraud and AML checking for every single incoming and outgoing transaction – in every channel Read more...
TabCorp gets closer to its customers with GBG
Tabcorp, a leading Australian gambling entertainment company, has partnered with GBG to implement behavioural analytics and transaction monitoring software, GBG Predator. The new software will help Tabcorp to identify fraud and Read more...