BHS Böhm e.K.

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BHS Boehm e.K. is based in Stuttgart, Germany. Since 2000 BHS has specialized in developing specifivic hard- and software solutions for casinos. Our range of products encloses: 1. The Table Management System P- Eye TMS which encloses: roulette detection, wheel surveillance, video investigation, analysis, billboard displays and much more 2.The Intelligent Slot Surveillance System ISS 3. Video Surveillance Systems for Casinos. 4. Casino accessories of every kind

Press Releases

Video Surveillance

We plan, install and maintain Video surveillance systems mainly for casinos, but also for other branches. Read more...

DSoft Billboard Displays

Sony IP Cameras secure Roulette Games in Germany
Sony security cameras play an important part in the new monitoring system designed specifically for casino roulette tables developed by Stuttgart-based installer and certified Sony Gold partner BHS Böhm. Background BHS Böhm is a Read more...