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Alberici Spa specializes in designing, manufacturing and commercializing automatic payment systems and their relevant accessories, building on its seventy-year activity in the markets of Amusement, Gaming, Vending and Automatic Washing by serving manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers and operators in general.

Based in Castel San Pietro Terme, close to Bologna (Italy), offers a wide range of items, such as Money Changer and Cross Changer machines, electronic coin selectors, note validators, cash handling devices as hoppers and sorters, cashless payment systems and illuminated push-buttons.

The new headquarters, opened in 2014 on a shop floor of 15.000 sqm, have been provided with the most innovative techniques in energy saving and in renewable power self-production.

Innovation and environment-sustainability are the key words through which Alberici Spa looks at the future and provides sound answers to its partners.

Press Releases
BillyOne note validator


The BillyOne note validator, easy and handy to use, can provide a very high acceptance rate of valid banknotes and a remarkable security grade against frauds. Its efficient anti-fishing device, using a smart optic barrer, detects threads and frustrates stringing challanges. The luminiscent effects from the RGB faceplate enliven the insertion slot and attract the User's attention. It can be programmed in several values and can be easily updating by the Universal Programming Kit/USB. Read more...
Alberici Spa - HopperOne S11


HopperOne S11 is a single denomination belt-driven hopper that provides excellent and long-lasting performances. The specific output sensor reading mode provides excellent counting accuracy and protects the sensor against frauds and cheat attempts. Moreover it has been added the powerful ARM microprocessor inside; it guarantees great performances not only in terms of security, but also precision and counting speed along with a very low energy consumption. The circuit board has been purposely designed in 4-layer structure, in order to prevent magnetic and electrostatic interferences. Read more...
Illuminated push-buttons - MF series


The new MF Illuminated push-button series stands out for its round-corner shape that enhances the attractive lines and the refined design. This elegant push-button features a simple and fast quick coupling. Its core has been specifically designed to spread brightness over its large reflective surface, side borders included. To emphasize this feature, as an option, it can be provided with an illuminated multi L.E.D. device, whose four L.E.D.s have been mounted strategically to intensify the light diffusion. These push-buttons, thanks to their first-choice materials (Samsung® polycarbonate) and to moulds designed on purpose, create a charming effect, offering nice hand-touch feel. Read more...


AL66FG electronic coin selector has been designed with a specific architecture devoted to ccTalk serial protocol, and likewise efficient when provided in any among the several programmable standard modes. Thanks to its 6 magnetic sensors and 5 optic pairs, as well as to its innovative recognition techniques, it produces 13 sampling parameters which assure extreme accuracy in coin discrimination, as well as the systematic reject of counterfeits. AL66FG is realized with high-quality polymers to grant sturdiness and maintain optimal reading conditions. The Italy ccTalk version can be easily switched to AES D.H. 256. Read more...


Hira 1 CM is a compact Money Changer that changes banknotes into one or three denomination coins. It is versatile, reliable and very suitable for small rooms; wall-hung (by its optional slab), resting on shelf or desk, or free-standing, it suits to any spot. To enhance security and protection, Hira 1 CM is also provided with a standard anti-intrusion bar. Capacity: up to 2.000 mixed coins Read more...
AVENTADOR: the revolutionary Counting Unit
The Italian company Alberici presents the brand-new built-in Aventador Coin Counting Unit. It consists of the new Aventador Hopper combined with a AL66 Speedy coin acceptor with automatic release system (ccTalk electronic reject Read more...
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