Diversity and Leadership in Gaming

WHEN: 10:30 to 12:30 (GMT) - Wednesday, 8 February 2017
WHERE: South Gallery Rooms 15  & 16, ExCeL London

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Statistics prove that greater gender diversity provides a boost to business and that companies with female representation have proven to perform better: 53% higher ROE, 32% higher ROS and 66% higher ROI. Gaming, as many other sectors, however, at its highest leadership levels, is still heavily dominated by men. Many organisations are making concerted efforts to change that, whether by setting up goals, changing their recruitment strategies or adapting their working conditions to the needs of modern families.

This seminar will focus on the concrete tools that can be implemented today to effect change, based on best practice from other sectors and efforts undertaken by the most pioneering gaming organisations.

10:20 Introduction

Lack of women in leadership in the gaming industry is an undisputable fact. Many, if not most, organisations commit to wanting to have a higher female participation in the workforce, but complain about the difficulty to attract more women to opportunities in gaming. Let’s explore the commercial and cultural rationale behind the need to have more women in gaming and look at the specific strategies, tools and best practice to achieve that.
Ewa Bakun, Head of Content, Totally Gaming

10:30 Leading casino brands leading the change  

More diversity is good for business, we hear. But what is the data to back that? Jan Jones will have that for you and explain the work being done at both internal and external levels to minimise gender gap in business:

  • Establishment of the gender equality index and creation of reporting requirements on the state, legislative level to introduce transparency in business and let consumers judge and choose based on how businesses are doing in their strive to more equal gender representation
  • Introduction of internal policies that encourage more female participation in workforce and specifically at the board level, such as equal pay, culture, family leave…

Jan Jones Blackhurst, EVP Government Relations and Corporate Responsibility, Caesars Entertainment

10:50 Towards the 50/50 goal by 2020 

While quotas might be considered controversial by many, goals are important to set an objective to strive to, to keep ourselves accountable and to make sure we’re going an extra mile to achieve them. NetEnt is one of the few, if not the only, companies in the sector that has set the 50/50 goal by 2020. This presentation will give you background on why this goal has been set up and how it is being achieved. Learn about the specific areas NetEnt is addressing as an organisation to increase the percentage of women in the workforce and at the board level.  
Per Eriksson, CEO and Åsa Bredin, CDO, NetEnt

11:10 ECA’s Diversity initiative

The European Casino Association (ECA) will present a newly established Diversity initiative within the ECA. The organisation has set a goal to gather best practices amongst its members on improving gender diversity in the workforce and leadership. Many of the association's members have already been active on the topic with some bringing the gender balance to 50/50 in casino management. Hear about these experiences during this presentation, looking at the progress and changing standards in the European land-based casino industry.
Janny Wierda, Board Member, European Casino Association and Corporate Vice President Security, Holland Casino

11:30 Regulator’s view  

Regulators have special powers: they can request and enforce. Could they do that as well to encourage more diversity in gaming? Find out from one of the most outspoken voices in gaming and decide for yourself if it’s better to self regulate.
Richard Schuetz, Executive Director, Bermuda Gaming Commission

11:50 New entrant’s perspective 

The gaming industry suffers from the lack of innovation, but how can it be innovative if it’s so uniform in gender and race? Plus it misses out on almost half of its consumer base by being rather uninviting to women as employees. This presentation from a new entrant to the gaming space is sure to shake you up with some potentially controversial and uncomfortable points.
Helen Walton, Co-founder, Gamevy

12:10 Discussion and Q&A with the speakers

12:30 Close of the seminar 

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