Below is information on Cross-Platform and Multi-Channel Gaming at ICE VOX 2017.

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Offering a betting experience right where the customer is – is the future, but how prepared is the gaming industry to design new experiences for new channels? What devices and platforms will attract future generations? And is your business ready for them? This year’s Cross-Platform and Multi-Channel Gaming will give critical insights into the implications of designing for those new channels - and more importantly why you can’t just port your existing experiences and expect success. 

New for 2017

  • Customer Experience Hotseat – strategising for the great battleground of personalisation across devices
  • New channels clinic – how to think about and adapt to new platforms
  • Fireside Chat – two winning brands and their recipes for success in the mobile world
  • Case study: designing for TV as a medium for the first truly communal betting experience
  • Head-to-Head: is there really no time to waste in embracing VR?
  • Hotseat: WeChat as a business platform - the app within an app model
  • App Innovation Talking Heads: what if the gaming industry could embrace the app within the app model? 
  • Supplier Challenge – top 5 igaming challenges and 5 innovative solutions - find out how you can enter the Supplier Challenge, contact

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